Proudly Serving Central Texas

Livingston Med Lab is honored to offer a wide variety of lab services to all local San Antonio, Texas clinics, medical groups and other medical specialty businesses in and around central Texas surrounding areas. We offer white glove superior customer service and support based on our key values integrity, discipline, tenacity and perseverance. Livingston Med Lab has Thermo Fisher and Beckman Coulter instruments to provide quick accurate results in order to better assist physicians to provide the highest level of personalized medicine and to fully optimize their practices patient care.

Providing Accurate and Precise Work

Livingston Med Lab delivers advanced clinical laboratory testing, which enables healthcare practices providers to diagnose more timely, accurately, manage, and prevent the progression of all diseases and conditions. Livingston Med Lab is passionate about helping all healthcare providers find earlier detection and find specific individual treatment strategies as we focus on helping improve patient healthcare, patient continuum of care, overall wellness and outcomes.

Livingston’s passion and goal is to help all healthcare providers optimize their energies with the use of treatments and medications by delivering quick, accurate, clinically viable information to implement the exact treatment for each patient.